Heidi Newfield brings her raw sound to the Wall Street Theater

Editor’s Note: The show was postponed to April 2020 after the story was published.

When recording her sophomore solo album (out early next year), Heidi Newfield didn’t play it safe. It’s a move that has served her well in her career. After racking up hits and fans while in the band Trick Pony, the country music singer-songwriter went solo and quickly hit it big with her song, “Johnny and June.” She recorded this track after meeting and becoming friends with Johnny Cash and his wife, June Carter Nash. Blessed with boundless energy, she likes to say she runs hot. Audiences will find that out firsthand when she performs at the Wall Street Theater in Norwalk with her powerhouse vocals and high energy on stage.

Andrea Valluzzo: Tell us about your upcoming album, “The Barfly Sessions.”

Heidi Newfield: I just felt like this was going to be such a fun undertaking. I didn’t want to try to be safe, I didn’t want to try to fit into a certain box. I wrote 12 out of the 14 songs. It’s a full-length LP and we are going to do vinyl on this record. This is a really extremely diverse record. It’s kind of all over the map and reminds me of what I heard as a really young child listening to 70s radio. They would play a Johnny Cash song, then Led Zeppelin, Merle Haggard and then an Eagles song, and you had this mish-mosh — a wonderful collaboration of rock and roll, blues, soul and country. There is no polish on this record, it’s not a pop record by any means. It’s all about authenticity and rawness. Also, you can’t just pick one song from it for that reason. It’s a listening record; something that you want to hear from start to stop.

AV: When is the release date?

HN: We’re going to start dropping things to the fans in January from Spotify, we’re going to do another drop in February and then we will pull the trigger on an actual radio release around mid-March.

AV: What was it like writing “Johnny and June?”

HN: As we know, most lead singers of groups have not been known to step out on their own solo careers and tear the world up. That song was my first solo single to kick the door open for me as a solo artist and it showed me that radio wasn’t scared to play me alone. It was a really wonderful transformation and transition in my life. The greatest thing about songs like that is I think they happen in a very honest and authentic way. That song came out of a relationship I had with Johnny Cash and June Carter Nash, starting when Johnny Cash came in and sang on the first Trick Pony record back in 2001. I got to spend some really amazing time with the two of them and spent a Christmas with them in Jamaica. Needless to say, my mom forgave me for not coming home that Christmas. It’s one song that I will be forever grateful for and one that I will always love to sing.

AV: What can audiences expect at this show?

HN: It is not a stand-there-and-sing, boring show. It is a move ’em, shake ’em, and grooving show. The band is stellar and people are going to get an all-around great show with a lot of love. I like to make people feel glad they came and we want to put on the best show we can.