Folks, let’s be honest and just admit that wherever you stand on the oddly politicized stances related to the pandemic (to mask or not to mask, is a strangely hot button issue in some parts of the country) that we all deserve to get a chuckle while we continue to practice safe social distancing.

Netflix has been churning out a number of reality series lately. One of its more recent additions, “Floor Is Lava,” was inspired by the classic childhood game.

Many viewers will remember playing the game as children where participants travel around the room by hopping on furniture in an effort to avoid touching the ground (because of the imaginary lava). The Netflix series takes that childhood nostalgia and cranks up the imagination factor to 11 as teams compete to complete the course with the most points or the best time to win $10,000. The show has five different courses that contestants may compete in, which keeps the series from feeling too repetitive even as the viewer watches as adults squeal over the lava as they climb on walls, swing from monkey bars or find secret tools to help them traverse the course.

Rutledge Wood hosts the series as he narrates the comical flops and falls the contestants take as they attempt to cross a room with slippery furniture and questionable footholds to win the prize. Wood’s voice-overs are slightly reminiscent of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” quippy narrations.

What’s great about this show is the blatantly silly nature of the whole thing. The contestants aren’t taking themselves too seriously as they scurry about the course and it appears that they’re just having fun. Unlike some of Netflix’s other reality series that revolve around romantic entanglements or dating (like “Too Hot to Handle” and “Love Is Blind), “Floor Is Lava” is just a lighthearted competition that conjures nostalgic memories of playing the childhood game.

“Floor is Lava” has one season on Netflix and the series is rated TV-PG, so the whole family can giggle along and maybe reorganize the living room to play a milder version at home.

Viewers looking for more lighthearted reality TV may enjoy Netflix’s “The Circle” where a group of strangers compete virtually for social media clout and to become the influencer that rules the circle.

Floor Is Lava

Seasons: One

Episodes: 10

Episode length: 30 minutes

TV rating: TV-PG

Language: English

Similar series: The Circle