Escape into intrigue with Netflix’s ‘Money Heist’ series

As a quasi-professional television binge watcher, I often try to watch shows when they’re first released, but sometimes that doesn’t work out because streaming platforms release a considerable amount of content and I prefer to have some semblance of a social life. However, now that we’re sheltering at home and my vacation from the house consists of my brisk stroll through the market, it’s safe to say I’m finally getting around to watching some of the longer shows on my To Watch list.

In less than a week, I devoured the Spanish Netflix series, “La Casa de Papel” aka “Money Heist,” which recently released its fourth season. The drama is about a “victimless” heist, where a team of robbers break into Spain’s Royal Mint and print their own money. Yes, they have hostages, but they technically don’t steal any of the money. As the series unwinds, the episodes let viewers in on more and more of the intricate details of the Professor’s heist plan as well as providing more information about each of the robbers. In the series, everyone in the crew has a city code name with the exception of their bookish leader, the Professor. As the heist carries on, the stakes grow higher and the robbers grow closer to each other. While the Professor keeps his plan in motion from the outside, he and the inspector, trying to negotiate the release of the hostages, fall into a complicated love story.

“Money Heist” is the perfect drama to escape into right now as the robbers are stuck in the mint until they can finish executing the plan, which appears to be unraveling by the minute as the hostages, police and the robbers themselves throw chaotic wrenches into the Professor’s plan.

In addition to carrying out this elaborate heist, the robbers become a symbol of resistance to the people of Spain as they disrupt the government with their actions.

“Money Heist” has four seasons on Netflix. The series is rated TV-MA. Viewers might also enjoy the drama in Netflix’s Spanish series “Elite.” The show follows a group of teenagers at an exclusive private school, where the financial divisions between the students leads to murder.

Money Heist

Seasons: Four

Episodes: 38

Episode duration: 1 hour

Rating: TV-MA

Language: English dubs and subtitles available, Spanish

Similar series: Elite