Curtain Call: Seven Angels Theatre offers up holiday cheer with 'A Miracle in Hamilton Park'

Last year Seven Angels Theatre in Waterbury staged "Elf the Musical." This year they will offer a virtual holiday performance "Miracle in Hamilton Park: A Virtual Christmas Cabaret Show" through Jan. 8.

Last year Seven Angels Theatre in Waterbury staged “Elf the Musical.” This year they will offer a virtual holiday performance “Miracle in Hamilton Park: A Virtual Christmas Cabaret Show” through Jan. 8.

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Imagine Waterbury's Seven Angels Theatre directors Semina De Laurentis, Tom Chute and Jimmy Donohue putting their heads together to come up with an idea for a special holiday event. With three super creative talents such as these, it didn’t take long before they realized that whenever they did the Tom Chute specials, audiences always packed the house and erupted in thunderous applause and a standing ovation at the end of each show. This brainstorming led to “Miracle in Hamilton Park: A Virtual Christmas Cabaret Show.”

According to Donohue, who is co-directing with Chute, “We really wanted to do something special and something different to celebrate Seven Angels’ 30th anniversary as well as something really uplifting for the Christmas season. We have always had an annual Christmas Spectacular. That’s when we decided we should do a show like Tom Chute’s Show Stoppers.”

Thinking of local talent, they pulled together about 15 local luminaries and created a virtual live production. Following all the rules for COVID-19 safety, the performers arrived at the theater prepared with their material and spent one day rehearsing. Brent Mauldin assisted as music director and worked with a four-piece band. The next day, they were all ready for filming. Constantine Pappas, who has an incredible operatic voice, happens to be a techie. He filmed the entire show which has been edited and ready for audiences through Jan. 8. Shows start on the Saturday of each week at 7 p.m.

“Everything just came together,” said Donohue. “It was one of those moments when we all needed to be at the theater and it worked.” He also said that they put up the whole set which is very festive and got costumes from a little bit of everything. Costumes which I’m sure will look holiday perfect are Christmas tree skirts that will take on a new role as clothing. “Think if Carol Burnett were to do a Christmas Show, this is what it would like,” said Donohue with a laugh.

One thing that is for certain is that the talent is phenomenal. The cast includes De Laurentis, Chute, Donohue, Pappas, Marissa Perry, Mandy Leigh Thompson, Marcia Maslo, Juliette Koch, Joyce Follo Jeffrey, Priscilla Squiers, Autumn Sheffy, Michelle Gotay, Stephanie Varanelli Miles, Robert Melendez, Samantha Rae Bass and Janine Molinari. Also included in the show are special guests Ed O’Neil, R. Bruce Connelly and Dan Lauria. That’s a lot of great talent gathered for “Miracle in Hamilton Park: A Virtual Christmas Show Cabaret “ at Seven Angels Theatre in Waterbury.

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