Country singer Levi Hummon shares how he found his sound

Growing up in Nashville, Levi Hummon seemed destined for a career in music. His parents are Grammy-winning songwriter Marcus Hummon and CNN “Hero of the Year” recipient, the Rev. Becca Stevens. He pursued his own path however before using music to make sense of life and love as a singer-songwriter. With his 2018 EP, “Patient,” under his belt and opening for other musicians, he launched his first headline tour this fall that brings him to The Palace in Stamford Nov. 15.

Andrea Valluzzo: You come from a musical home but being a singer wasn’t always a foregone conclusion?

Levi Hummon: I grew up in a household where my dad is a songwriter and my mom is a preacher. They always pushed me and my brothers to creative stuff but they let us have free roam. The songwriting kind of became my profession my sophomore year of college after I went through a heartbreak. I actually went to college for visual arts.

AV: How did you find your own authentic sound?

LH: My dad kind of taught me and defined in his own artist’s career that it’s just super important if you are going to be an artist to have your own unique voice. Songs are so important in my artist journey to help me define who I am as an artist and help me find my own voice.

AV: What were you doing when you started writing “Drop of Us?”

LH: With “Drop of Us,” I found out about opening up for Hunter Hayes in November 2018 and I basically listened to him on Spotify so I knew what I was getting into. He just has so many awesome uptempo fun songs, especially “I Want Crazy.” We actually got to join Hunter when he announced the tour and he put me on as a backup guitar player for him at the Opry. I use the same chords as “I Want Crazy” in “Drop of Us” because I thought it was great. Hunter is also one of the most energetic people ever on stage so I knew I was going to have to really keep up with him. That had a huge influence on the song and it’s also the simple idea of not wanting to waste a moment, not wanting to waste a drop of love between two people.

AV: After opening for other musicians, how does it feel to be the headliner now?

LH: It’s definitely different because as a headliner you are in charge of selling tickets and getting fans in the room. As a headliner, it’s about trying to create dynamics within your set, being able to put certain ballad-type songs and not just always be super uptempo. That’s been an interesting path like how do I make my set a story, how do I tell my story within the music and with the energy in the room?

AV: How is it going so far?

LH: Last week, we played a couple shows in Oxford, Ohio, and Grand Rapids, Mich. It was just awesome to see fans digging every song, even unreleased songs.

AV: Any new music coming soon?

LH: We just released a new single called “State I’m In.” It’s interesting because I wrote the song just being gone from home and missing home. As I played it on the road, it resonates differently with every single fan whether it’s somebody whose husband is in the military or people just missing someone. We have some more new music coming out this fall and then more tour dates in 2020.

AV: I know you like travelling. What’s your favorite part of being on the road?

LH: My favorite part of being on the road is definitely food and finding all the awesome food spots. I just found the best ramen I ever had in Scottsdale, Ariz., so kind of it’s been pretty crazy just to be able to go on a city’s Yelp or ask around to find the best food you can ever have.