Binge and Repeat: Netflix's teen series 'Trinkets' ends on a sentimental note

Back from her brief stint as a teen runaway, Elodie returns to Portland only to discover that she and her friends may have narrowly dodged a bullet when someone else takes the blame for sinking Brady’s car.

Netflix’s second season of “Trinkets” shows Tabitha, Moe and Elodie reuniting and trying to figure out their next moves as the trio of shoplifters try to put their lives back together after the dramatic season one finale.

In the first season, the three girls meet in a Shoplifters Anonymous group and quickly forge a lasting bond not through stealing, but through the rocky moments each teen experiences.

In the new season, Elodie finds herself grounded within an inch of her life after she runs off with her older rockstar, maybe-girlfriend Sabine. Moe is acting out while on suspension for giving Brady a much-deserved punch and decides to let her academics slide. Tabitha is trying to navigate her parent’s complicated relationship while also avoiding her abusive ex, Brady.

While the three girls work to get their lives on track, with Tabitha trying to find herself, Elodie trying to date a more age appropriate girl and Moe joining the robotics team for extra credit, they can’t seem to escape Brady’s manipulative attempts to get back together with Tabitha.

After a series of twists and turns, the trio of pals decides to steal one final time in an effort to right all of their wrongs and ensure that those they have inadvertently hurt won’t have to suffer for their deeds.

The second season is the final season of “Trinkets” and offers audiences a sentimental ending that provides a proper note of finality for the three sticky-fingered pals.

“Trinket” has two seasons available on Netflix and the series is rated TV-MA. Audiences might also enjoy the teenage hijinks in Netflix’s “Never Have I Ever.” The Mindy Kaling series follows an Indian-American teen trying to recreate her reputation after her father’s death.


Seasons: Two

Episodes: 20

Episode length: 30 minutes

TV rating: TV-MA

Language: English

Similar series: Never Have I Ever