Binge and Repeat: Netflix’s latest cop drama ‘Young Wallander’ explodes off the screen

Rookie Kurt Wallander dreams of moving up the chain and leaving his patrol beat behind, but he wasn’t quite prepared for the horror he would witness at his own apartment complex.

When Kurt wakes up in the middle of the night to hear the building’s fire alarm going off, he discovers a fire burning in the maintenance room and calls it in while trying to quickly put it out. After extinguishing the flames, he goes outside to discover the residents crowded around a boy chained up to a fence. When Kurt tries to help the boy and announces that he’s a cop, an explosion occurs.

Netflix’s new cop drama “Young Wallander” follows Kurt’s investigation into the explosion and the series of events related to the attack. The series is a modern reimagining of Henning Mankell’s Kurt Wallander novels that follow the investigations of a Swedish detective; viewers witness the young man’s first homicide.

Kurt finds himself embroiled in the case when he discovers that the police believe one of his teenage neighbors caused the explosion. The rookie incorporates himself further into the case as he tries to prove his neighbor’s innocence while tracking down the culprit behind the incident. As the plot progresses, Kurt finds himself trying to navigate the tricky political waters as he investigates a wealthy family’s connections to his case and Sweden’s increasingly violent opinion of immigrantion.

“Young Wallander” is packed with plot twists and action, which mystery and thriller loving audiences are sure to enjoy. The series has one season available on Netflix and is rated TV-MA. Viewers might also enjoy watching Netflix’s German drama “Biohackers,” which follows a series about a young woman trying to train under a renowned doctor to uncover details from her past.

Young Wallander

Seasons: One

Episodes: Six

Episode length: 50 minutes

TV rating: TV-MA

Language: English

Similar series: Biohackers