Binge and Repeat: Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking’ offers new perspective on arranged marriages

Netflix’s new reality series “Indian Matchmaking” follows an elite Indian matchmaker Sima Taparia as she travels back and forth across the United States and India to help Indian singles find their future spouse.

The series also features interviews with happily married couples who came together through an arranged marriage and aims to highlight how an arranged marriage isn’t the draconian union that people outside of cultures with arranged marriages might assume it to be. Each of the couples shares how long they’ve been married, how their arrangement came about and their advice for a long marriage.

Auntie Sima (as her singles call her) is a diligent, detail oriented matchmaker who isn’t afraid to be blunt with her clients. When she’s not meeting with clients to get an idea of what the hopeful single is looking for in a life partner, Auntie Sima is scanning through the biodata files of all her clients to determine potential candidates for each person.

Auntie Sima then presents a few candidates to each client at a time and works to coordinate meetings with the two singles if they both agree to meet each other. Throughout the series the show follows a handful of clients as they meet different potential partners, with some working out on an early try while others fizzle out.

More Information
Indian Matchmaking

Seasons: One

Episodes: Eight

Episode length: 30-40 minutes

Rating: TV-14

Language: English and Hindi with subtitles

Similar series: Made in Heaven

Unfortunately for Auntie Sima not all of her clients are easy to work with, especially as she has to contend not just with her single client, but the client’s family and their concerns and desires for their relative’s future relationship. Some of her clients (as viewers will see) want the moon and more from their potential spouse, others aren’t quite sure what it is exactly that they want in a partner. Then there are some of her clients (the ones who will make your heart melt) that are just looking for a kind person to share their lives with.

When working on a particularly tough match Auntie Sima will meet with specialists who can determine a couple’s compatibility based on their horoscope or by having someone read their future by looking at a photo of a client’s face.

Fun fact about this show, one of the dates that Auntie Sima sets up a client with is actually from Bridgeport, which viewers will note as she sets up her clients with people from states including Texas, New Jersey, California and Illinois.

“Indian Matchmaker” has one season on Netflix and the series is rated TV-14. Viewers might also enjoy Amazon’s drama about Indian wedding planners, “Made in Heaven.” In the series the two best friends work together to create opulent weddings for wealthy couples.