Binge and Repeat: Netflix’s ‘Crazy Delicious’ is a foodie’s edible fever dream

"Crazy Delicious" has one season on Netflix.

"Crazy Delicious" has one season on Netflix.

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Viewers can’t help but be fascinated by “Crazy Delicious,” a Netflix British cooking series set in the fever dreamscape of an edible garden. It’s where contestants compete to make dishes that are not only delicious but crazy, with their original flavor combinations and Instagram worthy displays. In each episode three cooks prepare three courses in the hopes of winning the favor from the food gods (the judges) and take home the Golden Apple.

The cooking competition is judged by the food gods aka famous chefs Carla Hall, Heston Blumenthal and Niklas Ekstedt as they contemplate the appearance, the flavor combinations and the ability of the contestants to create fabulous dishes under a time crunch. Adding to the divine air of the show, the food gods wear all white while they lounge about their mountain top loft and watch the chefs create their masterpieces.

The competitors who hope to gain the food gods favor find themselves not only putting a new spin on classic dishes or getting creative with their flavors, but they also have to forage for their ingredients in the insane garden, where it’s all filmed. Some of the more amusing moments in the show occur as the contestants hop about the garden like frenzied hares trying to find the cheese in the trees or the specific produce they need for their dish. Yes, wheels of cheese are pulled out of tree trunks.

“Crazy Delicious” is hosted by Jayde Adams, who flounces about the garden making jokes and highlighting the edible nature of the garden by snacking on flowers and wheelbarrows and also sampling bits of the contestants’ dishes as they go along.

The series is perfect for foodies looking for a culinary series that certainly steps outside the box.

“Crazy Delicious” has one season on Netflix and the series is rated TV-PG. Audiences might also enjoy watching “The Big Flower Fight” to avoid additional food cravings while still getting to witness crazy creations.

Crazy Delicious

Seasons: One

Episodes: Six

Episode length: 45 minutes

TV rating: TV-PG

Language: English

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