Binge and Repeat: DNA gets a terrifying makeover in Netflix’s sci-fi drama ‘Biohackers’

“Biohackers” has one season on Netflix.

“Biohackers” has one season on Netflix.

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Netflix’s new German sci-fi drama “Biohackers” is a compelling series that revolves around genetic research.

When Mia enrolls in Freiburg University’s medical school, she’s not just focusing on getting her medical degree but becomes fixated on one of the professors, Tanja Lorenz, who has worked to revolutionize biohacking technology. Lorenz is a power-hungry, research obsessed scientist determined to revolutionize the genetics field even if it means she has to kill or act unethically to create her breakthroughs.

When Mia becomes entangled with Jasper, Lorenz’s TA, it becomes easier for her to investigate Lorenz, but she finds it increasingly difficult to keep her true motives hidden as she spends more time with Jasper and snags a job working for Lorenz.

As Mia gets closer to Lorenz, the series gradually gives the viewers more insight into Mia’s past and Lorenz’s involvement in her childhood. Mia’s life becomes more complicated as she learns why Jasper is so loyal to Lorenz and shares a secret of her own with Jasper’s roommate Niklas.

While some viewers might not be inclined to spend time watching a drama that revolves around sketchy medical scientists amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the scenarios shown in the series are not tied to the pandemic as the series leans more towards genetics and the potential for bioterrorism.

While “Biohackers” is a quick watch with only six episodes, the propulsive drama will keep viewers in their seats as the series jumps back and forth from Mia’s investigation into Lorenz and a strange train accident. Viewers who are worried about the staggering cliffhanger in the season one finale can rest assured that “Biohackers” has been renewed for a second season.

“Biohackers” has one season available on Netflix and is rated TV-MA. Viewers might also enjoy watching “The Rain” on Netflix. It’s a Danish sci-fi drama about how an experiment gone awry has created toxic rain that is decimating the population.


Seasons: One

Episodes: Six

Episode length: 45 minutes

TV rating:

Language: German, English captions and dubbing available

Similar series: The Rain