Binge and Repeat: Amazon’s ‘Tell Me Your Secrets’ is packed with eerie chills

Amazon’s chilling new series “Tell Me Your Secrets” tells the captivating tale of a monster ... just not the monster viewers are expecting.

Lily Rabe (“American Horror Story”) stars as Karen, a woman who is placed in the witness protection program after serving time for aiding her serial killer boyfriend in his crimes.

Karen doesn’t remember what happened during the time she allegedly aided Kit Parker in murdering numerous women. While in witness protection, her psychiatrist tries to help her uncover the memories that her traumatized mind is determined to hide away.

Connecticut native Amy Brenneman (“Judging Amy”) plays Mary, a grieving mother who believes her missing daughter Therese was one of Kit’s victims and is willing to go to any length to find out what happened to her daughter.

‘Tell Me Your Secrets’

Seasons: One

Episodes: 10

Episode length: 45 minutes

TV rating: 16 and up

Language: English

Similar series: "Behind Her Eyes"

When Mary learns Karen has been released from prison, she can’t fathom how she could have been dealt such a miscarriage of justice and decides to hire a convicted rapist to track her down.

While Hamish Linklater’s character, John, is determined to find redemption, Mary’s bloodthirsty quest to track down Karen has led the “reformed” rapist to have a crisis of character.

While Mary and John work to track Karen down, the newly freed woman is trying to find her footing in a small town in Louisiana. Unfortunately for Karen, she’s having a less than quiet start to her new life.

She finds herself tied to a puzzling missing person’s case and struggles to create boundaries with her overly familiar psychologist. As Karen tries to adjust to her new identity, she’s haunted by nightmares and visions of what might have occurred in her past.

“Tell Me Your Secrets” progresses as a violent and pulse-pounding series as viewers quickly learn the characters are not what they appear to be. Viewers will find themselves breathless as they try to keep up with the rapid roller coaster of twists and turns this thriller offers.

The series touches on difficult topics, including sexual assault and child abuse and may be upsetting for some viewers

“Tell Me Your Secrets” has one season available on Amazon. The series is rated for viewers 16 and up. Viewers looking for more sinister plot twists might also enjoy watching “Behind Her Eyes” on Netflix.