Amazon uploads minds into afterlife in new dramedy

Amazon’s new dramedy “Upload” takes place in 2033 in a world where people don’t have to die if they can afford to upload their consciousness to a digital afterlife.

Nathan is living a privileged life when he suddenly dies in a self-driving car crash. His wealthy girlfriend, Ingrid, has him uploaded to the Lakeview, a ritzy digital afterlife where he finds out that some of his memories are missing.

One of the customer service agents that works for Lakeview, known as an angel, notices that there’s something hinky with Nathan’s data and the two work together to try and recover his missing data. When Nora, Nathan’s angel, starts digging into the missing memories she discovers people who knew about Nathan’s work were turning up dead in questionable circumstances. The more they look into Nathan’s death, the more it’s beginning to look like a murder.

While Nora and Nathan look into his potential murder, Nathan’s business partner refuses to call him back and his superficial girlfriend Ingrid has full control over Nathan’s afterlife. Ingrid’s clinginess and abrupt distance frustrates Nathan as she has financial control over everything he does in Lakeview.

The series is an amusing take on death and a digital afterlife; while the series revolves around extending life after a physical death, it does so in a cute and quirky way. Viewers should be warned the upload process the characters go through to reach their digital heavens is a bit disturbing. Other than that the series is a delightful and tech-heavy series.

Robbie Amell stars as Nathan opposite Andy Allo’s Nora; the two actors have spectacular chemistry as they prank each other and investigate Nathan’s missing memories. Allegra Edwards plays Ingrid, Nathan’s out-of-touch girlfriend brilliantly.

“Upload” has one season on Amazon. The series is rated TV-MA. Viewers interested in series about extended mortality might also enjoy Netflix’s “Altered Carbon.”


Seasons: One

Episodes: 10

Episode length: 30 minutes

Rating: TV-MA

Language: English

Similar series: Altered Carbon