Amazon's 'Modern Love' explores relationships with star studded cast

Love stories come in lots of shapes and forms. Love is romantic, it is friendship, it is familial — it is inevitably the one thing we all are constantly searching for. Amazon’s latest series “Modern Love” is a fictionalized adaptation of the collection of essays “Modern Love: True Stories of Love, Loss, and Redemption.” The collection of essays were featured in The New York Times Modern Love column. Emmy Rossum of “Shameless” and “Phantom of the Opera” fame directed the series.

Each of the eight episodes in the Amazon series follows a different love story. Audiences will watch with rapt attention as couples fall apart and fall into one another. Some of the stories are ones we’ve heard countless times — a couple heading to therapy to try to rekindle the old spark — and others just leave viewers rooting for love — like the couple who spend their second date in the ER after a sex injury. Audiences are exposed to love as it grows in all forms; loving someone from afar like the story of the journalist’s love story that was cut off far too soon, or falling in love with an adopted child. Some of the stories are unconventional: a doorman who goes above and beyond in looking out for a tenant. A couple who find each other late in life only to be parted far too soon. A woman suffering from bi-polar disorder learns to let people see her during her lows and finds an unexpected love in being her whole self in front of others.

Now if the variety of love stories isn’t enough to entice viewers, Rossum assembled a stunning cast of actors to convey these beautiful narratives. Anne Hathaway gives a breakneck performance as Lexi, a bipolar woman trying to navigate the mores of dating while managing her depressive episodes. Dev Patel charms the audience as the creative mind behind a dating app who is hopelessly in love with an ex. Tina Fey and John Slattery have an intimate tension and chemistry as the couple tries to find their way back to each other in a marriage where they have pushed each other away. Olivia Cook’s Karla is a kooky and compelling character just trying to live her truest life.

“Modern Love” has one story available on Amazon and has already been renewed for a second season. Audiences who enjoyed this darling anthology series might also enjoy the sci-fi anthology “Black Mirror” on Netflix.