Amazon’s new series “Hunters” follows a ragtag team of vigilantes who take out Nazis living under the radar in America during the 1970s.

As a person who is very anti-Nazi (I would hope we all are), I was more than willing to spend 10 hours watching Al Pacino and Logan Lerman track down Nazis in the name of bringing justice to all those who suffered during the Holocaust.

The series begins with Lerman’s character, Jonah, dealing with an anti-Semitic jerk when a weed deal goes wrong. Jonah is later comforted by his grandmother over a bowl of chicken soup the same night an unknown person breaks into their apartment and murders her. When Jonah turns to the police to get justice for his beloved grandmother, the only family he has left, the cops are of little help.

Jonah meets Meyer (Pacino’s character) at his grandmother’s funeral who offers Jonah his help if he ever needs it. In his grief-addled state, Jonah reaches out to a local gang to see if they know anything about his grandmother’s murder, only to have the police roll up and find Jonah with a bag full of drugs he had planned on exchanging for information from the gang. After his arrest Jonah turns to Meyer for help and discovers that his grandmother and Meyer were part of a team of Nazi hunters.

To honor his grandmother Jonah joins the team and dedicates himself to fighting the Fourth Reich which is plotting to take over the country.

Rounding out the Hunter’s team of Nazi-hunting misfits, there is a Jewish actor, an Asian Vietnam veteran, a nun with MI-6 connection, an elderly couple who survived the concerntration camps and a black rights activist.

While the revenge-seeking premise of the series is absolutely spectacular, the plot twist in the finale caused the series to feel a bit hollow. No spoilers here, but the ending certainly curbed my interest in the series.

“Hunters” is rated TV-MA and has one season available on Amazon. Viewers looking to watch underdogs take down some baddies might enjoy Amazon’s “The Boys.” The series follows a group of people trying to reveal the dark side of the superheroes their society worships. “The Boys” has one season on Amazon.


Seasons: One

Episodes: 10

Episode duration: 1 hour

Rating: TV-MA

Language: English and German

Similar series: The Boys