Police plan to replace missing stop sign at Peaceable Hill intersection

The intersection of Peaceable Hill Road and Remington Road has been without a stop sign for the past two years.

“First, I thought it was strange that it was missing for so long,” Larry Dodd wrote in an email to The Press last week.

Dodd rides his bicycle through the intersection regularly, and said the sign probably came down in a storm.

“Second, I thought it was even more strange when they re-paved Remington and didn’t replace it,” he said. “Third, it was even more strange when there were (well-founded) complaints about cars speeding on Remington from local residents to the police and yet no mention of the missing stop sign.”

Ridgefield Police Captain Jeff Kreitz said the department “is aware” of the situation, “and will be replacing the stop sign in the near future.” — Peter Yankowski