Eversource: 1,404 residents without power

Almost 24 hours after Winter Storm Quinn began, 1,404 Ridgefield residents remain without power, according to Eversource’s website. That’s about 13% of the power company’s customers in town without service at about 11:30 a.m., Thursday, March 8.

Eversource Media Representative Mitch Gross said crews are looking at a multi-day recovery effort. He would not give a more specific time table when pressed.

“We have teams assessing damage,” Gross said Thursday morning. “We’re working with local towns to clear the many many blocked roads so our crews can get in to those blocked neighborhoods, and we’re of course restoring power where we can.”

“We remain very busy. Today we have line and tree crews working all over the state.”

Gross said those crews came from as far away as Canada and Mississippi. “We have dozens of crews from out of state-- they came in last week for first storm. It’s all hands on deck.”

He reminded residents to treat all downed wires as live, and to stay back a minimum of 10 feet. Residents should also stay away from any trees touching the wires.