Zoning commission to host first-floor retail discussion Feb. 21

The Planning and Zoning Commission will be holding a discussion of first-floor retail uses in the central business district Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 7:30 p.m.

The CBD Zone generally encompasses the following streets:
  • East side of Main Street between Governor Street and Prospect Street.
  • West side of Main Street from north of St. Stephen’s Church up to (but not including) Ballard Park.
  • North side of Governor Street between Main Street and just west of Ridgefield Boys and Girls Club.
  • Both sides of Catoonah Street generally from Main Street west to approximately the Fire House.
  • South side of Prospect Street between Main Street and Nature’s Temptation store.
  • North side of Prospect Street between Main Street and Grove Street.
The commission meets in the Town Hall Annex located 66 Prospect Street.
All are invited to attend.

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