Stop & Shop pulls gas station plan

Zoners had planned to deny 'certificate of location approval.'

An architect’s rendering of one version of the Stop & Shop gas station.

Stop & Shop’s plans for a new gas station on Route 35 have been officially withdrawn from the Planning and Zoning Commission’s consideration.

A Sept. 17 letter from Langan Engineering, which handled Stop & Shop’s application, asked to withdraw five different requests related to the project.

The plans had been before the commission since the spring.

The letter did not cite a reason, but the withdrawal follows a vote last week by the commission to deny a request for a “certificate of location approval” for a gas station at 65 Danbury Road, the former Morganti construction yard across from South Street.

Without a vote approving the location for a gasoline sales facility — required under a special provision of state law — the construction proposals under more traditional local zoning regulations appeared largely moot.

The letter of withdrawal was signed by Timothy Onderko, Langan Engineering senior project engineer on the gas station plan.

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  • The P&Z came to the only responsible decision they could based on the law & the information put before them. I think this was a good decision for Ridgefield. Now let’s find a better use for that space that will benefit, the neighborhood and the land owner.

    • CMcQuilken

      “Now let’s find a better use for that space that will benefit, the neighborhood and the land owner.”


      “Let’s” as in “Let us”?

      It’s private property. We have no say in it. And that’s how it should be according to the laws of our nation.

      I suspect the property will continue to be a garage/ storage area. I think we missed the opportunity to make it more visually appealing. Will another store ever be allowed in there? I don’t see how that can happen – it’s on the record that there are “line of sight” issues. Won’t every retail application be denied?

      You want to buy it with your own money and turn it into a park? God bless you. Sincerely.

      But i don’t think taxpayer dollars should be used.

      What do you envision should now happen with the property?

      • Secondhand Rose

        For starters, how about applying that blight ordinance to this property’s owner(s) and forcing a massive clean-up, tree removal, hedge cutting, and so on.

        As for the “line of sight” issues, why doesn’t the road next to it have the same problem? After all, trying to pull out of that street is next-to-impossible with the huge hedge and overgrowth blocking the line-of-sight. If the residents can see to exit that road, I don’t see how the town has an argument against the gas station for the same line-of-sight problem.

        Of course I don’t suppose it ever occurred to anyone involved in Zoning that they didn’t have to allow the gas station to exit onto Danbury Road (and by dis-allowing that very same exit, there wouldn’t be any reason to turn down this gas station in the first place. Gabeesh?)

        • john

          How could P&Z permit the gas station to not exit onto Danbury Road?

          The property’s not contiguous to Copps Hill Plaza where Stop & Shop is located.

          Are you suggesting they have the power to force an adjacent property owner to accept the traffic?

          • Secondhand Rose

            John, every business between the proposed gas station area and Stop & Shop is connected by pass-throughs in every business’s parking lot.

            All that this gas station would have to do is create their own pass-through into the parking lot of the business next door, and drivers would then exit through ALL those parking lots behind ALL those businesses and leave by way of the exits in the Stop & Shop lot, just like the patrons of those businesses do every single day.

            You mean you haven’t you ever tried that yourself? I do it almost every weekday at lunchtime. I don’t think I’ve exited from the Stop & Shop parking lot in years.

            It’s exactly the same as any of the businesses on the opposite side of Danbury Road whose parking lots all interconnect with each other and which all exit out onto Ligi’s Way.

      • Big Bones McGee

        “I suspect the property will continue to be a garage/ storage area.”
        My guess is an 8-30g housing development.

  • Bob

    If Stop & Shop is serious about wanting to operate a fueling station, I might suggest additional locations that have either been used historically as gasoline stations or might otherwise be appropriate:

    1. Chambers Army & Navy at Danbury Road & Grove Street (Former Gas Station);
    2. Marty Motors (ideal location provided owners interested in selling obviously);
    3. Former Exxon Station on Route 7 (next to Subway);
    4. Former Chevron Station at the corner of Route 35 & 7 (now Patio .Com); or
    5. Vacant field between Ullman & Ridgefield Ice Cream on Route 7.

    I for one would welcome affordable gasoline and perhaps the suppliers to the extant service stations in town would be prompted to stop their zone-pricing gouging against the owners and operators at those stations as well. This could help everyone.

  • Secondhand Rose

    It was a stupid decision and one that will come back to haunt this community in the long run, I’m certain.

  • Kirk

    Just bought at new Costco station $4.07 for regular … not that cheap … $.02 less than others on Federal Road.

    • Secondhand Rose

      It may not be cheaper than anyone else in DANBURY……..but since gas in RIDGEFIELD is going for upwards of $4.25 to $4.35 a gallon, it’s sure as heck cheaper than buying it in RIDGEFIELD, now isn’t it??

  • RPOZ28

    KIRK you got it the whole thing is a scam. You just proved my point. What these people do is pull the wool over the eyes of the towns people and they fall for it every time. How about a GAS STATION ON THE SCHLUMBERGE PROPERTY. By the way they can pump out the contamination out of the ground their and pump it in to cars!!! Ridgefield TIRE used to have gas on BAILY right next to the RP. Once again the S&S reps tried to BAMBOOZLE THE RESIDENTS IN TO SOMETHING THAT IS A SCAM. Is it not funny that S&S offers gas points just when they want to flood the area with STATIONS??? What am i missing here!!!

    • Secondhand Rose

      Hey Z, your calculations are a bit off. Stop & Shop started offering gas points at least 2 years ago.

      The gas station idea only showed up in 2012.

  • scpride5

    Nothing can go there!!!! Its a dangerous spot. The zoning com is already decided this.. So stop speculating because if Stop N Shop Gas cant go there why would it be ok for something else to go in there?????

    • Secondhand Rose

      It’s no more of a dangerous spot on that side of the road than it is on the opposite side of the road. And it’s no more dangerous than the street next to this property that exits only 20 feet farther up the road. Your hyperbole over the “danger” is completely misplaced.

  • Kirk

    I think the one thing all can agree on is that the location looks like hell as it now stands … what a dump … a certifiable eyesore … where is Rudy and the Blight Patrol.

    • Big Bones McGee

      Kirk wrote: where is Rudy and the Blight Patrol.

      Tonight they are at the Theater at Schlumberger.

  • RPOZ28

    Kirk dont give The KING any suggestions. He will bestow on us numerous RULES AND REGULATIONS. Their are other dumps in this town that were just built. Care to wander over to the intersection of 35&7 Those buildings are an EYESORE and in my view a DUMP!!!

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