Welcome to the new TheRidgefieldPress.com

Welcome to the new TheRidgefieldPress.com.

The website features easier access to more news, articles and columns.

Please explore the site and some of its new features, including rolling reviews of recent tweets by not only The Press, but by local organizations; the latest weather and radar from AcuWeather; and a completely revised and easy-to-navigate Ridgefield Answerbook (under Special Sections).

If you use a smartphone, the website will appear in a new phone-friendly format.

More new features will be added in the weeks to come.

A Ridgefield Forum is expected to appear later in the week. You can use your Facebook, LinkedIn, or other accounts to register to use the forum or to comment on stories.

While the site has been in development for many months, there are still bugs that are being worked out. We apologize for inconveniences, and ask for your patience.

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  • Chris McQuilkin

    Your new site looks great. Very engaging. Well done.

  • bcascella

    Congrats on new site, wish you well with it. Glad to see one has to sign in with a real name.

    • bigbonesmcgee

      I would not assume that signing in requires a real name.

  • Secondhand Rose

    WordPress is horrible. I use it at work and it is the most obnoxious, difficult-to-navigate site I’ve ever been on.

    • jenny

      Am curious what you mean by that. Word Press is a type of software. What is obnoxious or difficult to use? Alot of what makes a website is the organization of content – which requires planning and thought totally separate from the software the site is built upon.

  • Secondhand Rose

    Is there a forum? If so, the link seems to be invisible.

    IMHO I think this “upgrade” was made to be as obnoxious as possible with the hope that people would find it so aggravating to use that they’d eventually give up.

  • Secondhand Rose

    Constantly having to “prove you are a human” is ridiculous as well.

  • Wayne

    where is the forum section of site? Is it hiding or is this part of it?

  • Kirk

    There is no Forum on the new site … I think it was too threatening for the RP to handle … it was too open ended, raw at times, and more informative than the RP was on its best day. So they killed ….

  • Kirk

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation” … is that another word for censorship?

  • CMcQuilken

    Maybe we shouldn’t have a forum. We’ve shown that some residents can’t handle it with maturity. I’m still appalled at the way some chose to behave on the forum. Neighbors speaking so hideously about fellow neighbors and town leaders. It’s why I turned off the Ridgefield Live forum after two years – people just behaved so poorly. That’s two separate experiments, both with the same negative result.

    To the Press, maybe think twice about turning on the forum. As it stands now, residents can make moderated comments after each article. Key word being “moderated” – and I thank you for putting in that effort.. But maybe that is enough. Maybe that is all human nature can handle.

    • Pembroke

      What a joker you are. Isn’t it you that threw the first insult on this new website by describing a resident’s property as unattractive? Or is that not an insult because it is your “opinion”.

      By the way, there is nothing unattractive about that propery.

      • CMcQuilken

        When I talk about the insults on forums, I’m talking about anonymous posters naming a public official or neighbor and calling them pinheads, morons, idiots, gutless wonders, etc. To me that is an insult, a personal attack against a named individual. Totally unnecessary.

        But when I suggest locating a business in a residential neighborhood detracts from what I think is an otherwise attractive location, I don’t consider that a personal attack, seeing that no person was named.

        What can I say, I don’t like the look of parking lots in residential areas. If you do, fine. But for one thing, please don’t spin that into me insulting someone. For another thing, would you really like it if someone opened, say, a hobby store on your street and you got to look at a parking lot and cars coming and going all day long?

        • Pembroke

          Just because you don’t mention the name of the person who operates the business doesn’t mean it is not an insult or that it is not insulting to that person. It is obvious from the business owner’s response to your insult that it was taken as an insult. It is also obvious which business and business owner was the target of the insult.

          When you talk about insults on forums, is it only an insult when you name names? You are not my neighbor, so is it OK for me to call you a pinhead, moron, idiot, gutless wonder and a rude individual as long as I don’t mention your name? Do you control the rules? Why are you the only person who is allowed to be insulting on the forum?

          The business that you insulted on N. Salem road is a farm that is completely fenced in along the property boundary. What you describe as a parking lot is smaller than the driveway of the farm on Lounsbury Rd which is a much more secluded area. The farm on N. Salem Rd fits into the neighborhood if you can call a state highway a neighborhood If you drive north on Route 116 from town, there are countless properties that are entirely fenced in along that road and it would be hard to argue that this farm is among the least attractive properties along that stretch. There are many fences in states of disrepair along with homes that have been vacant and neglected in recent years.

          I think is it very funny that in subsequent comments, after defending your insults of a local business that you think should not have been approved, you decry the fact that our residential tax base is too high and that Ridgefield shoos away business. Like you say, you can’t have it both ways.

          • CMcQuilken

            “Why are you the only person who is allowed to be insulting on the forum?”

            In my view, that is some mighty big spin. Did you read the old forum? So many insults / personal attacks from so many people. Whereas a few of us were standing up to suggest we should be kinder and more constructive. And you want to make it out that I am the only one making “insults” – my insult being that I don’t like to see parking lots in residential areas? By the way, read some of Joe Keller’s posts on the old forum? My gosh….

            “I think is it very funny that in subsequent comments, after defending your insults of a local business that you think should not have been approved, you decry the fact that our residential tax base is too high and that Ridgefield shoos away business. Like you say, you can’t have it both ways.”

            Life isn’t simple. I think we need business for tax revenues. But that’s not the only thing we need. I think we need to protect the look and feel of our residential neighborhoods. I think we can do both in this case. Put business in the business district – welcome the tax revenue. Keep business out of residential neighborhoods – welcome the view.

    • Secondhand Rose

      I don’t see why we should not have a forum. This is America, we have the right to speak our minds whether it offends others or not. Maybe those who feel offended should develop thicker skins – or stay out of the fray. This is, after all, a newspaper purportedly being published for the PUBLIC, and the forum is an outlet for the PUBLIC to speak its mind. Censorship (i.e., “moderated comments”) is, and should be, anathema to free Americans.

      • George

        The Press is a for profit corporation, and is under no obligation to provide a forum. If it so chooses, it can provide a forum and then moderate comments. If you don’t like it, you can go to any one of a number of other Ridgefield forums out there.

        In America, we have the right to freedom of the press, but that doesn’t mean the Press has to supply us with a press for free, if they don’t want to.

        • Secondhand Rose

          Who pays that “for profit corporation” for its product?

          The public.

          Who reads what that “for profit corporation” publishes?

          The public.

          Who comments on the articles written and read?

          The public.

          Notice the theme here?

      • CMcQuilken

        I’m not sure I agree. Freedom of Speech has both legal limits as well as common sense limits. For example, I don’t think we are going to get residents to volunteer for our Boards and Committees if we continue to subject them to such ridicule.

        • Secondhand Rose

          Ridicule is part of the job, and I would think a person would understand that when they put themselves forward for office, regardless of whether that office is at the town level, state level, or federal level. If one doesn’t want to be ridiculed, one should stay home and close the curtains.

          People have a right to their opinions and a right to state those opinions any way they want so long as they don’t break any laws. If the Press wants to remove profanity or ethnic slurs, fine – you’ll get no argument from me on that score.. But calling someone a “pinhead” or an “idiot” or “stupid” is far from derogatory OR criminal.

          As has been stated before, everyone who posts here is (suppsedly) an adult, and should be able to handle taking AND receiving commentary AS an adult. If someone is acting in a puerile way, they should be be called on it and if they can’t deal with the responses their comments engender, then they can leave. Simple as that.

      • mcamp7

        Secondhand Rose,

        I’m not saying I disagree at all with your want for a forum to air thoughts/grievances, but you do have to realize that this website is on the internet, not in America. Your freedom of speech does not at all obligate the publishers of any website to provide you with an outlet. If you want a forum on the internet, you have to start one yourself or wait for someone else to do it.

        That said, I’d like the forum back (preferably without rants and ravings about how awful the town and everyone in it are, however).

  • tracey

    To answer the question regarding where the Ridgefield Press Forum is, the answer is its actively in development by our web dept.

    We hope to roll out the new forum within the next few weeks.

    Thank you in advance for your patience.

    Tracey Iaizzi
    IT Director
    Hersam Acorn Newspapers

  • Tracey,

    Thanks for your response. Glad to read that the RP will have a discussion forum.

    I’m also delighted that people will have to use their actual names but I’m baffled how you will know that John Smith really is John Smith.

    I also don’t understand the difference between signing in via Google, Facebook or by my RP registered name.

    Maybe you can explain these items when you get a moment.

    I also hope that the RP publishes crystal clear forum rules so there’s no confusion about what is permissible & what is verboten.

    Some people like to refer to the first amendment, freedom of speech, as though it implies a verbal free-for-all but that’s no the case.

    I found this article on freedom of speech of interest & perhaps it should be included as a reference in the forum rules so others can read it as well.


    And finally I hope the list moderator(s) will act promptly & evenhandedly when it becomes necessary for them to intercede.

    An open forum for Ridgefield residents is a good thing so I wish you every success with the new format and the work ahead.

    And I can’t wait to get the discussions started.

    Jan Rifkinson

    169 New Rd.
    PO Box 1197
    Ridgefield, CT 06877

    203-431-1691 h
    203-886-9199 c

  • Secondhand Rose

    From Jan Rifkinson’s link:

    “Unlike what has been called a strong international consensus that hate speech needs to be prohibited by law and that such prohibitions override, or are irrelevant to, guarantees of freedom of expression, the United States is perhaps unique among the developed world in that under law, hate speech is legal.”


    • Kirk

      Don’t you want to be free to hate some one or thing and be able to say so?

  • Joseph

    Komrade Pembroke,

    Thanks for your defense. I take no insult from the likes of McQuilkin; his objections let me know I’m following the right path.

    Incidentally, we surrendered our “retail” status. We are now only a farm, a botanical garden, and a 501c-3 non-profit institution with an educational focus.

    Our neighbors enjoy buying organic vegetables here.

    They generally require a place to park.

  • RPOZ28

    WOW we cant start links any more. How will the truth be KNOWN!!! I was thinking of having my own web site to get out all the hidden issues in this town. Seems like someone wants it kept a secret!!

  • CMcQuilken

    “I take no insult from the likes of McQuilkin; his objections let me know I’m following the right path.”

    Hopefully this clears it up for Pembroke, Joe Keller takes no insult. 🙂

    I agree it is the right path not to have retail in residential neighborhoods.

    Can I ask – you say you will still have the farm, but what does this mean for your farm stand ? Will you still be selling corn and blueberry bushes etc, or will you no longer be operating a farm stand at that location?

  • I always wonder why these threads always seem to come down to a personal attack @ some level instead of a discussion about the actual issue. This thread started out as a congratulatory note to the RP for their new website. Very nice. Maybe they could have used some feedback on the site, itself.

    Instead it morphed into a discussion about the value of Word Press — worthless & obnoxious according to one poster. Then moderation of comments became censorship on freedom of speech.

    Quickly it turned to Joe Keller having a farm business in the middle of a residential area — although I’m not sure what that area that might be as all (or most of the property in question is owned — or will be owned — by Garden of Ideas.

    In the meantime, what are they doing? Creating an idyllic place to take a peaceful walk through local flora, have a picnic lunch or to buy locally grown food. Oh my, what a hardship…. on who exactly?

    Are the neighbors complaining? I don’t know for sure but I don’t think so. Has anyone heard a complaint from the neighbors. In any case, the discussion — if there is to be one — belongs in a different thread.

    So is just a case of a personal antagonism? I don’t know but I really dislike whatever it is.

    In any case it’s so far afield from the original intent of this thread that it should not be here.

    How about we try staying on topic this time around & save the personal stuff for another venue? Maybe a duel — throwing rotten tomatoes?

    To the Ridgefield Press: I never get a sense of the immediacy of any news on the new site. Maybe moving the tweet thread up on the page would help.

    Thank you.,

  • Kirk

    ” I never get a sense of the immediacy of any news on the new site.”
    +1 … this new site is a poor attempt to replicate the old … what improvement … graphics … no … daily news updates … no … Forum … no … what??? Anything? No.
    Is it possible this was intentional? Kill a growing information/discussion site that was maybe a threat to the once a week paper called the RP? Maybe an attempt to eek out a couple more years of viability for their printed version? Maybe a loss of control thing?
    I think all this conversion has done is 1. killed the budding on line news/opinion source; 2. confirmed how attractive on line info is for local news and given a boost to others … The Patch and any other possible competitor out there that wants to start serving the local Ridgefield population at little on no start up cost.

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