GOP Viewpoint: Campaign Season

As we enter this important campaign season, one would wish for intelligent discussion of issues based on facts between opposing candidates. Is this even possible when the last several years lying, hypocrisy, and name calling have been the order of the day?

You are told the Republicans hate women because they wouldn’t vote for the Equal Pay bill which, in fact, would give women the right to sue forever if they discover at any time that a male received higher pay for the same job, and the employer, rather than innocent until proven guilty, would bear the burden of proving innocence. The consequence? Employers would choose to not hire women, rather than put themselves at such risk, thereby making it difficult for women to find jobs. (Fact: the White House pays its female staff 88% of what it pays male staff for the same jobs.)

You are told stories of people without health insurance who finally can obtain it with Obamacare. You are happy for them. When you see a story of children battling cancer whose parents have now lost their insurance policies and their doctors, you are told they are liars. But Sloan-Kettering and other major cancer hospitals are not covered under any Obamacare policies. Only 20% of Connecticut doctors are available under Obamacare coverage.

Our congressman, Jim Himes, tells us his health insurance is with Obamacare, but doesn’t mention that the taxpayers pay a big chunk of the premiums for this very wealthy man. On Oct. 11, 2013, Mr. Himes claimed “no one will lose their health insurance” under Obamacare. By November 2013, a documented 39,000 Connecticut residents had already lost their insurance due to Obamacare. When bipartisan legislation came before the House to allow people to keep their current health insurance policies, he voted against it.

You are told Republicans want to take the food out of babies’ mouths when we pass a budget that cuts the growth of government spending by 1% or 2%, but there’s plenty of money for frequent extravagant presidential vacations, a trip to Europe with a 900-person entourage, grants to favored businesses, and boondoggle research in foreign countries (like teaching Moroccans how to make tile, which they’ve been making for hundreds of years).

You are told the “evil” Koch brothers donate millions to the Republican Party, when George Soros, unions, and wealthy trial lawyers donate many times over that to the Democratic Party.

Those Republicans who don’t support raising the minimum wage are said to “hate the poor” thereby obfuscating an economic reality: when you raise the cost of something you get less of it. Millions of young, unskilled workers who need that first rung of the economic ladder will be unable to get a job.

Instead of nodding to the talking points and emotional smears, let’s examine the facts on all sides of any issue this campaign season. Let’s intelligently look at the consequences of policies and hold those responsible for bad outcomes accountable at the polls.

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This column is supplied by the Ridgefield Republican Town Committee.

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  • BobMacGuffie

    Bullseye, Linda. Jim Himes is a Corporatist who represents the corporations who fund his campaign, not his constituents. Instead he makes the case for the corporate and Washington interests back to us in the district, rather than representing our interests in Congress. His reckoning will come Nov. 4th.

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