Dog attack sends two to hospital

A Forest Drive homeowner and her six-year-old son were taken to Danbury Hospital after being bitten by their dog around 9:45 this morning.

The 42-year-old woman and her child were treated for “non-life threatening, upper extremity injuries” at the scene, Fire Chief Heather Burford confirmed.

Police and EMS responders arrived at the scene along with dog warden David Coles. Officer Coles took the animal to the dog pound, where he quarantined it.

Police said there is an investigation into whether or not it should be put down.

Chief Burford added the victim’s suffered injuries to their arms and hands.

She said that the crew of responders described the dog as a pit bull, but could not confirm the dog’s breed or what may have provoked the attack.

On April 8, a West Lane resident in his late 20s sustained serious injuries to his face when his pit bull attacked him.

The victim had to undergo “multiple surgeries,” Chief Burford said.

The dog had been owned for more than a year.

An investigation concluded that the pit bull had not been provoked before the attack and the animal was put down.

More information on this story will appear in Thursday’s Press.

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  • cosmo p

    I think it is time to ban those PIT BULLS. After all they think guns are dangerous why not these dangerous DOGS.

  • Debbie

    Good beagles bark, sniff chase rabbits.
    Good border collies bark, nip AND RELEASE, chase things
    Good pits mature to attack without reason, without warning, without first trying to avoid a conflict.

    Good pits immediately do damage and are happy when mauling, as endorphins are released.

    These bully dogs traits are essential in a fighting dog, and pits were and ARE the dog fighters’ choice.

    No, not all pits will become good pits, but if your pit does become a good pit you won’t know until it’s too late, since good pits do not give warning.

    Good pits will travel to a distant pit where FOR NO REASON AT ALL they will go to work at killing each other. Good pits will even kill other dogs of opposite sex, will kill puppies. Normal social/pack animals do not maim and kill each other FOR NO REASON. Pits are victims of these man-made mutations.

    Who needs these mutant traits? Only dog fighters. Now that dog fighting is illegal, make breeding THE fighting dog illegal too.

    Enact and enforce mandatory spay/neuter microchipping of all pits, pit mixes all dog aggressive dogs. If someone objects to this plan, suspect ties to DOG FIGHTING.

  • Mike

    Have either of you ever interacted with a pit bull? Do you have any experuience with them other than the news reports you read? Because you both state things that are patently false.

    In fact, breed and temperament studies have shown that the top tree most aggressive breeds (in order) are dachshunds, chihuahuas, and Jack Russel Terriers. Rottweilers, pit bulls (which is not actually a dog breed at all but a collection of breeds) and dobermans actually all scored on the average to low end of aggression.

    My wife has worked in the vetrinary industry for close to twenty years, and among all the professionals we know, they are far more concerned about bites from the smaller breeds and aggression from non-pit bull breeds above the breeds people think are aggressive.

    It is misinformation, misunderstanding, and false reporting. Media outlets know that no one cares about the millions of people that get punctures from their chihuahuas, but the one pit bull attack that happens is front page news, because it is sensational, and the dog is bigger, so bites harder.

    Educate yourselves before you post this nonsense. And don’t try to couch your foolishness in pseudoscience talking about endorphin release and “happy dogs” mauling. It’s utter nonsense.

  • Kirk

    Has a chihuahua ever eaten the hands and pulled out the arm of its owner? Jack Russel? Any of the others? Enuf said.

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