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The Democrats’ one party rule strikes again in Connecticut to the detriment of all citizens, regardless of party. A bill that did not go through the normal legislative process of committee review and recommendation was put on the legislative floor of the Connecticut House of Representatives unannounced and in the wee hours of the morning when few were present. Of course it passed, as only those insiders who knew about it showed up.

What bill was this that is such an affront to all Americans? This bill, passed quickly by the Democratic Party in the Connecticut Senate, will soon become law when Gov. Malloy signs it (which may have already happened by the time you read this). It allows driver’s licenses to be given to people in the country illegally.

Supporters argue that it will keep our roads safer since DUI offenses and accidents can be better tracked. A valid argument to be sure. What they forget to mention is that there will be no markings on this license to indicate that the licensee is not a citizen. An amendment to add this detail was voted down by the majority party.

In all of our local towns a valid driver’s license is all that is required to register to vote. When you appear at the polling place in our local towns, the poll workers ask to see a driver’s license. So thousands and thousands of non-citizens will have the illegal ability to vote here. No doubt they will vote for the party that granted them this unlawful privilege, which, of course, is the real purpose. Where it has been tried in other states voter fraud has been rampant, despite denials by trustworthy Eric Holder and his DOJ. Your vote, dear citizen, has now been rendered worthless.

Remember this outrage the next time you go to vote.

This column is supplied by the Republican town Committee.

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  • Starting Over

    Thank you for reporting this! It’s infuriating to say the least, not just the bill, but the way it was handled. Typical…just sneak, or ram, it through.

    I just received my DL renewal in the mail. I have lived in the state of CT for 12 years, born in the USA 58 years ago. The hoops/paperwork I have to go through to prove my residency this time is absolutely ridiculous. Yet, they just want to give it away to illegals.

    Additionally, how will the DMV validate the info provided if they’re illegal???? The argument that it will make roads safer is pure bunk for the same reason.

    So glad I’m planning on getting out of this state. Between this, the outrageous income/property taxes, why would I want to stay?

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