Letter: Field fire resolution was like bad TV

Ridgefield police released this photo of the scene at Governor Park following the field fire in April.

To the Editor:

I confess. I watch too many cop shows, read too many mysteries, hear the word “collusion” too many times. When I day dream, sometimes I conjure up movie scenes, bad dialogue and all.

Setting: A corner office. It’s quiet. The American flag flutters outside. A man is browsing through a folder of emails. The intercom rings, he picks up.

We only hear his side of the conversation.

Man: “Hey, how are you? What’s up? Yes, very unfortunate. People in town are extremely upset.. I’m glad no kids were involved but…” [Listening intently].

Man: “Hmmm … between 30,000 and 60,000. [Listens]. “No, only partially.”

The man listens some more.

Man: “The police are closing in. There are a lot of videos and they’ve narrowed it down.” [Pauses to listen again]. “Yes, They’re very confident….”

He’s interrupted.

Man: “No, they haven’t told me.”

The man squirms, clearly uncomfortable by what he is hearing.

Man: “Not sure that would fly. …. [Listens] Uhhhh … I appreciate the support but … there’s a lot of anger out there. I’ve never had more emails or calls about anything before. People are really upset. [Listens] How much? [Listening] “Hmmm. I’ll confer with town council and the chief. Let’s talk late Wednesday, after The Press deadline.”

Video of burning field, superimposed with Facebook commentary.

Setting: It’s Wednesday afternoon. Assistant sticks her head into the corner office.

Assistant: He’s on.

Man: “I pulled it together. An agreement is being drawn up now. Yes, everyone is on board. [Listens] No, it’s sealed. Stop by Friday afternoon to sign the papers. Around 3:30. OK. Bye.”

Narrator:[Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone music plays in the background]. “And so it goes…. another mystery from small town America. Until next time…..”

Fade out.

Jan Rifkinson

New Road, April 29

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