Planners approve improvements for Tablao on Main Street

The former Fifty Coins storefront on Main Street will have a new tenant this spring. Tablao Wine Bar and Restaurant, which has a location in South Norwalk, is planning to move into the vacant space. — Steve Coulter photo

The zoning commission approved plans to build a fence and a cobblestone walkway at 426 Main Street at its April 9 meeting.

The restaurant Tablao is planning to open in the former Fifty Coins location this spring, and the owners intend to fence off the business compressors.

“They’re going to clean off the ones that are currently in back of the building and potentially replace them,” said Chairwoman Rebecca Mucchetti. “Once that happens the owners want to put up a fence around them so they’re not exposed like they currently are.”

The sidewalk plan is also an improvement to the storefront, which has remained vacant for several years.

“The brick is not holding up well and in one area there’s a jag in the sidewalk,” Mucchetti said. “They want to straighten it all out and use cobblestone, which they believe will hold up a little bit better.”

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