Veterans Park hosts first Invention Convention

Veterans Park fifth grader Carly Stern invented the “Pupp-hat” and will present it at the state invention convention in May.

Veterans Park Elementary School held its first annual Invention Convention Feb. 22.

Fourth and fifth grade students identified problems that affect them and embarked on a creative process of trying, failing and persevering until they each developed a prototype solution.

Some of the inventions included: “The No-Slipper Gripper,” “The Big Dipper,” “Tangle Tamer,” “Wet Hair Pillow Sack,” “Rubbish Ridder,” and “DryBum!”

Winners were fifth grader Carly Stern and fourth grader Mairead Lehman, who invented “Pupp-hat” and “Right Beside Me,” respectively.

Carly and Mairead will participate in the Connecticut Invention Convention final event on May 4 at the University of Connecticut in Storrs.

Veterans Park fourth grader Mairead Lehman was one of two winners of the school’s inaugural Invention Convention.

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