BSA Troop 19 to be honored at State Capitol Friday

BSA Troop 19, Ridgefield’s newest Boy Scout troop, gathered at St. Stephen’s North Hall on Dec. 11. From left, are (back row): Tim Vilinskis, assistant scoutmaster; Ali Mortinger, assistant scoutmaster; Jax Mantione, Katie Bitner, Sophie Desmarais, Caroline Vilinskis, Lisa van Gompel, Steve Mortinger, scoutmaster; front row (kneeling): Maya Pereyra, Jordan Mooney, Maddy Gonley, Evia Rodriguez, Gabriela Rogers; stretched out on floor, Ines Taleb. Troop members not shown: Della Fincham, Jules Buckley, Catherine Thompson. — Macklin Reid photo

Ridgefield’s newest Boy Scout troop, BSA Troop 19, has been invited to a Court of Honor ceremony at the State Capitol in Hartford Friday, Feb. 1.

The Ridgefield troops will meet with State Rep. John Frey and State Sen. Will Haskell.

The event will run from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

“This is such an exciting opportunity for these girls to be recognized as leaders and trailblazers for joining Scouts BSA in the first female class,” said Tizzie Mantione, parent and organizer of local troops.

Schedule of events and locations

1 p.m.: Gathering in the Legislative Office Building Atrium

1:30 p.m.: Tour of the Capitol, and the Legislative Office Building

3 p.m.: Gather for the Court of Honor, Old Appropriations Room of the State Capitol

3:15 p.m.: Court of Honor & Report to the State

4 p.m.: Meet and greet with Government Officials/interviews with News Outlets


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