Driver arrested for fatal crash

Geraldo Araujo, 50, of Danbury drove the Ford Expedition, center car, that struck 69-year-old Micelina Abbate’s Nissan Sentra on Route 7 in August. Ms. Abbate later died from her injuries at Danbury Hospital. —Dick Aarons photo

A Danbury man has been charged in relation to the fatal crash on Route 7 in Redding in which a well known Ridgefielder was killed.

Redding police charged Geraldo Araujo, 50, of Danbury, with vehicular homicide and traveling too fast after being involved the Aug. 17 three car accident that killed  Micelina “Micki” Abbate, 69.

Ms. Abbate was traveling southbound on Route 7 in her Nissan Sentra when a northbound Ford Expedition, driven by Mr. Araujo, crossed into the southbound lane and struck Ms. Abbate’s vehicle head on. Ms. Abbate was extricated and  taken to Danbury Hospital where she later died.

Mr. Araujo and his passenger, Jussara Araujo were also taken to Danbury Hospital.

Misty Enright, 33, of Stamford, operator of the third vehicle, was not injured.

Responding to a warrant, Mr. Araujo turned himself in and was released on a written promise to appear in court on Wednesday, Jan. 16.

Ms. Abbate was a well known volunteer in town.

In 1990, Ms. Abbate was one of several wives and mothers of volunteer firefighters who formed the department’s Ladies Auxiliary (her son, Bob Roth, a Ridgefield volunteer for 16 years, is now a professional firefighter in Greenwich). The auxiliary prepared meals and provided other support for firemen who’d been fighting major blazes.

Ms. Abbate later became a member of the town’s CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), with a speciality of providing rehabilitation services — support for emergency personnel.

She also active in the Ridgefield Woman’s Club, a community service organization.

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  • CMcQuilken

    That is one incredibly dangerous road. Is there anyone who hasn’t felt it – the tenseness of driving north to Danbury in the fast lane and cars are whizzing by you in the opposite direction, only inches away. One momentary distraction like a cell phone ringing, and the cars will hit head on at full force. You need nerves of steel and/or a sense of immortality to stay in the fast lane.

    Look at the Ridgefield Press twitter feed. One, two, three accidents reported every week.

    If ever there was the case for a road needing a center divider, this is it.. Can anyone name another road like this with so many cars traveling at high rates of speed in opposite directions, but only inches apart, with nothing to stop them from colliding?

    • Secondhand Rose

      This road is far less “dangerous” today than it was 5 years ago before all the hills, blind curves, and narrow lanes were removed. And believe it or not, the speed limit hasn’t changed from then, it’s still the same 45mph speed limit it has been for the past 30+ years.

      If you’re so distracted while driving by the ringing of your cell phone, then you should not be driving with your cell phone at all, or with it turned on. Since when has a ringing cell phone taken precedence over the rules of the road? That distraction is for YOU to figure out how to resolve, it is not the fault or responsibility of the oncoming traffic to solve for you.

      How many accidents were reported in the decades BEFORE Route 7 was widened/flattened/straightened out? I’m willing to bet there were a lot more of them then – and they were a lot worse then also. I remember quite a few accidents killing people for years BEFORE the road was modified.

      Route 7 does not require a center divider. This is completely ludicrous. Route 7 runs from the Mass. state line all the way to Norwalk and the speed limit is 45mph in Wilton and Norwalk as well as in Ridgefield, yet there aren’t as many accidents in those towns as there are in Ridgefield even though the Route 7 corridor in both Wilton and Norwalk gets MORE traffic and has MORE businesses on it than this little section of Ridgefield.


      Gee – ya think????

  • thinker

    Sad. People don’t know how to drive. I see it all the time. Maybe, just perhaps, speed limit for RT 7 should be 25mph like other town roads?

  • Secondhand Rose

    Route 7 is not a “town” road, it is a STATE-OWNED road, and the STATE controls what the posted speed limit should be.

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