Why vote Republican?

So here we stand. On Nov. 6th we will have a choice between two very different visions. This is a moment and an election of consequence.

Ask yourself if the last 4 years is the America you want for the future. Then imagine what 4 more years of Democrat control in Hartford and Washington would mean for our liberties and opportunity for our children.

Our nation faces immense challenges. The economy is growing at an unacceptable rate of 2% annually. We are 4.5 million jobs short of the 9 million we lost in the recession. Business and consumer confidence are at record lows. Our credit rating has been downgraded. Obama has not passed a budget in 4 years while running up an unprecedented $50,000 of debt for every American citizen.

Our foreign policy has diminished our status throughout the world. The Middle East is in flames, our Libyan Ambassador is dead, and Iran is almost nuclear.

Our ideals don’t require a government commission to tell us what America needs. It’s one that values self-reliance and freedom; freedom to build a better life, to build a business with our own hands.

We look to our communities for our joy and support. It’s both how we live our lives and why we live our lives. The strength of America has always been based on the power and goodness of our communities, families, and faiths. This is what makes America, America.

It’s the genius of our free enterprise system, harnessing the extraordinary creativity and talent of the American people to create prosperity for all who seek it.

What America needs is jobs. Our candidates support a plan to bring America back by:

• Becoming energy independent by taking advantage of our oil, coal, gas, nuclear, and renewable energy

• Having choice when it comes to schools so every child will have a chance

• Cutting the deficit to put America on track to a balanced budget

• Championing small businesses by reducing taxes and simplifying regulations

• Rein in skyrocketing costs of healthcare by repealing and replacing Obamacare

The America we know has been a story of the many becoming one, uniting to preserve liberty, to build the greatest economy in the world, and to safeguard the world from unspeakable human rights abuses.

Everywhere you go in America there are monuments that display those who have given their lives for freedom from tyranny. There is no mention of their race, party affiliation, or creed. They lived and died under a single flag, fighting for a single purpose — to defend our liberties.

That America will unleash an economy to put Americans back to work, preserve a military that no nation would dare to test, uphold our Constitution, care for the poor and sick, honor and respect our elderly, protect the sanctity of life, honor the institution of marriage, and guarantee religious freedom. We will continue to defend our liberty.

This is a moment and an election of consequence. Vote for Romney/Ryan, McMahon, Obsitnik, Boucher and Frey.

Bob Hebert is chairman of the Ridgefield Republican Town Committee.

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